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Become LiftSafe

If you are a lift engineer or provide subcontracting services to the lift industry put your company and engineers in the spotlight by becoming LiftSafe.

Why LiftSafe?

All engineers listed on our register meet the LiftSafe criteria, based on their qualifications and training. So when lift companies search for sub-contractors, they will know instantly that your engineers are right for the job.


The LiftSafe Accredited logo is issued to all verified companies:

Benefit to contractors

Lift companies and other contractors are required to comply with ISO 9001 regulations. This means they have to manage their subcontractors to ensure they can legally work on site. This includes auditing and verifying their qualifications as well as checking their insurances and training records, it is a process that can be very time consuming and put a strain on resources.

LiftSafe can handle all this for you. We audit each subcontractor and engineer that appears on our register, with systems in place to ensure each member remains compliant. Additionally, we conduct yearly on-site audits to make sure they are following health and safety procedures expected in the lift industry.

Benefit to subcontractors

As a LiftSafe member, you no longer need to fill out a subcontractor approval form for every company you work for, as your profile will be available here for contractors to view.

We audit and keep a record of all your skills, certifications and qualifications, with automated reminders to keep them up to date. We also provide easy access to training programmes to help your engineers stay up to date with industry standards.

The LiftSafe register promotes your company and engineers to contractors, providing instant access to your credentials, which can ultimately lead to more opportunities, quickly.

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How to register

Registration process

Read our step-by-step guide on how you can become LiftSafe.


Find out which certificates and qualifications you need.

Registration fees

View the costs to join the LiftSafe Register.


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Our goal is to promote and contribute to a safer working environment in the lift industry