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Registration Process

Registration Steps:

To become LiftSafe and appear on the register we have put together some simple steps to help you understand the registration process and what is required.

1. Get registered

Create an account. During this stage we will ask you to provide specific information about you and your company. This will include providing copies of valid certifications of specific qualifications for auditing. Click here for a list of qualifications that you will need to provide for your company and engineers, including minimum/mandatory requirements. Please note that you can add qualifications at a later date if you don’t have them to hand. During registration you’ll also need to set a password and pay for your 12-month subscription.

Once registered you will receive an email confirmation with a link to login to your account where you can access and manage your details.

2. Add your engineers

As part of your company registration, you get one engineer listing for free.

If you wish to add more, select ‘Add Engineer’ in your account area. For each engineer, simply complete the requested information and upload copies of any certifications and qualifications from the list provided. Please note that you can add additional engineers at any time, and their registrations will be included in your annual renewal fee for your company account.

3. Get verified

Once you have completed your registration and uploaded copies of all documentation click the ‘Submit for Review’ button. This will send us an alert to review your application. We will then audit your company and engineer information based on what you provided, including all certifications and qualifications. If everything is in order, we will activate your listing to appear on the site! (You will be notified on email with the good news.) You’ll also receive a LiftSafe registration certificate which includes your company name, registration (ID Number), date of registration and expiry date. We will also email you the LiftSafe Accredited logo which you can use on your website, stationery, and company clothing and vehicles.

4. Get certified

Within the first 12 months of your registration, we will also carry out an annual on-site audit of your company to ensure you comply with all health and safety regulations. We will contact you to arrange the audit, and once completed we will update your listing to show the date in which it was carried out. You will be notified via email with a copy of the audit and to let you know your account is now certified.