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Benefits of becoming LiftSafe for lift subcontractors

1st November 2023

Many subcontractors will have a lot of lift engineers on their books. While having a website is a great way to promote the company, it is unlikely to showcase the skills of every employee. And it is these skills and qualifications that are important to contractors when it comes to winning a job. Fortunately, this is where LiftSafe comes in, providing a way to elevate your company and engineer credentials. Here are some of the key benefits of becoming LiftSafe.

Less admin
Subcontractors will often get asked to fill out a subcontractor approval form for every company they work for. While this is essential, it can feel somewhat repetitive and take up time which could be better spent elsewhere. With LiftSafe, this will no longer be required, as a company and its engineer profiles will be available for contractors to view. The profile includes the company’s qualifications and policies, as well as its individual engineers’ qualifications required for their specific role. So, whether they are a Service Fitter, Engineer’s Mate, Construction Engineer or Commissioning Engineer, all credentials will be clearly highlighted for that individual, accessible in one place.

Access to training
To be listed on the LiftSafe register, all engineers need to go through a verification process, which means providing evidence of their qualifications and skills relevant to their roles. As most qualifications have expiry dates, LiftSafe helps engineers keep their skills and qualifications up to date by sending email reminders about their expiry deadlines. Subcontractors will also have access to training programmes, such as Toolbox Talks, to keep their knowledge of the latest industry standards refreshed.

More opportunities
Ultimately, when a lift subcontractor makes their LiftSafe debut it will put them in the spotlight in front of contractors. This can lead to more business opportunities that could have potentially been missed. With all skills and qualifications listed for contractors to see they will instantly know whether the engineer is right for the job. Additionally, once a subcontractor has been verified, they are issued with a LiftSafe accredited logo, which can be used on vehicles, workwear and marketing. This helps provide further awareness of subcontractors on the LiftSafe database and encourages contractors to visit the website.

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