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Benefits of having ISO 9001

5th June 2024

ISO 9001 is the most globally recognised quality management system. It’s a popular standard for any industry, as it serves as a powerful tool for continuous business improvement offering many benefits including increased efficiency, revenue and customer satisfaction. In this blog we take a look at the benefits of having ISO 9001 and how LiftSafe can help you manage some of its requirements.

Identify risks and opportunities
ISO 9001 defines a risk as “the effect of uncertainty on an expected result”. It requires you to use risk-based thinking so that you can agree on the most appropriate actions to address risks and opportunities. It is worth noting that a risk could lead to an opportunity and visa versa, so being able to manage and evaluate these will help you make better decisions, which could ultimately help you achieve your business objectives.

Improve employee performance
A key part of ISO 9001 involves participation across the entire workforce. They will all learn about the quality management system (QMS) and processes to ensure they run smoothly. The morale of employees will also be lifted if they know you have defined processes in place and are committed to producing the highest quality services. Additionally, employees will have a clear direction in terms of who does what, and what skills gaps are missing so they can be addressed.

Reduce business costs
By improving efficiency, reducing errors and streamlining your business processes you are likely to reduce costs across your business. ISO 9001 allows you to get the data you need to make evidence-based decisions on your resource level and opportunities for further improvements.

Win new business
If you are tendering for a new job, the likelihood is that the company will want to see what qualifications and certifications you have. If you hold a quality management system it will put you at an advantage over your competitors. It shows you have streamlined processes in place, you’re reliable and are a safe choice. This standard will therefore help you stand out and open new opportunities.

How LiftSafe can help
If you have ISO 9001 you will be required to manage your subcontractors to ensure they can legally work on site. This can put a strain on resources, as you will be required to audit and verify their qualifications, as well as check their insurances and training records. The good thing is that LiftSafe can handle this for you by auditing each subcontractor and engineer that appears on the register, with systems in place to ensure each member remains compliant.

Find out about the certifications and qualifications required to become LiftSafe here.
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