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Benefits of Toolbox Talks for lift subcontractors

13th December 2023

If you work in the lift industry and haven’t come across Toolbox Talks before, it’s a concern, because they are recognised as a standard form of training for our sector. Toolbox Talks are, quite simply, short safety briefings between 5-15 minutes based on topics specific to the lift industry, often related to health and safety. They are usually taken as an assessment on the most important aspects of issues such as asbestos awareness, manual handling, pit access ladders and so on. If you haven’t completed training like this for some time, consider the benefits of Toolbox Talks.

Contributes to accident prevention
The main and most important reason for taking Toolbox Talks is to prevent accidents, creating a safer working environment. If an engineer doesn’t regularly take Toolbox Talks there is a risk they become complacent, forget important safety measures or take shortcuts. This could result in injury or even a fatality. By taking Toolbox Talks your engineers can refresh their knowledge and keep up to date with any industry changes and legislation to keep accidents at bay.

Helps with compliance requirements
Main contractors and lift companies need to provide compliance documentation. While Toolbox Talks are not a legal requirement, they show a commitment to safe working against British Standards such as the BS7255 Safe Working on lifts, BS7801 Safe working on escalators and moving walks and BS9102 Safe working on lifting platforms.

Shows you are competent
As a lift subcontractor your credentials will be checked prior to winning a job. The main contractor will want to ensure all your documentation and training are up to date to ensure you are competent to complete the work. Toolbox Talks should be included in your list of documentation as evidence of the training you undertake – this will be positively received by contractors.

Keeps you informed
While Toolbox Talks not only refresh your knowledge and ensure health and safety is always at the forefront, they are also very useful in keeping you updated on the latest changes in regulations, PPE or technological developments. Plus, they provide information that is not necessarily covered by other forms of training.

Toolbox Talks are essential in the lift industry as an effective method to ensure health and safety messages are reinforced. Consequently, they are a standard for becoming LiftSafe.

Find out about our requirements and for access to Toolbox Talks here.
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